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Chocolate Beet Cupcakes (vegan)

Beets. Those little red devils that taste of earth and stain your hands. Everyone says you either love them or hate them. But, everyone is wrong. I’m decidedly somewhere in between. Let’s say that I may be learning to like … Continue reading

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Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (grain-free, vegan)

Sometimes I think I really should have named this blog The Cookie Momster. Cookies seem to feature prominently around here. They are by far our favorite baked good. Lately, I’ve been on a kick to create grain-free versions of some … Continue reading

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Better Than Dairy Queen "Ice Cream" Cake

Update: Want a raw, vegan version? Check out my Better Than Dairy Queen “Ice Cream” Cake – Take Two. My husband’s birthday lands smack dab in the middle of the hot & humid Wisconsin summer. Not a good time to … Continue reading

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Kiddo Creations: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s time for another Kiddo Creations recipe! Last night it was rainy and chilly, and despite having the oven on to make some delicious gluten-free pizza, we wanted the oven on more. (The oven is our pseudo furnace in the … Continue reading

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Chocolate Pecan Pie Bites

We love Lara Bars in this house, and we’ve been eating a lot of them. A lot. As you might now, eating a lot of Lara bars winds up being a tad bit expensive. And, while I’m all about supporting … Continue reading

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Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

My husband and I agree on a lot of things. We both think a drive in the country is a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. We get sucked into PBS shows on random topics. We hardly ever … Continue reading

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Walnut Squares

  We’ve been eating mostly vegan lately. It all started with that Quantum Wellness Cleanse, and I felt so good I just didn’t want to go back.  The other day, though, our good friend Ronna stopped by with a dozen … Continue reading

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Adopt A Gluten-Free Blogger: She Let Them Eat Cake

Being new to this whole gluten-free way of life, I’ve been stalking the gluten-free blogs out there. I’ve filled my google reader with RSS feeds and drool daily at all the beautiful images of delicious dishes that are safe for … Continue reading

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