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SRC: Quick Green Beans

My secret blog this month was Mom’s Crazy Cooking – a blog filled with quick and easy recipes (as well as some fancier fare). I’m on an extremely limited diet right now, and I thought it would be impossible to … Continue reading

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Gun Powder Biscuits

Snow! We finally have snow! Lots and lots of wet, heavy snow. And, what better food to eat when it’s cold and snowy out than soup. But, of course, you need to have biscuits with soup, right? Well, in my … Continue reading

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SRC: Black Bean Taco Pizza (Connor’s Cooking)

Each month for the Secret Recipe Club, bloggers are “assigned” a participating food blogger to make a recipe from. From time to time, something happens. An oven blows up. A kid gets sick. Every recipe you try is a miserable … Continue reading

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Banana Bread Beany Spread

Don’t you just love the rhythm of that title? But, beans? And, bananas? Together? Oh yes, I did. Really, it’s all the rage. I’m just copying the masters. First there was Evan, The Wanna Be Chef and his Dessert Hummus. … Continue reading

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Genius Blondies – A Variation

The simply adorable Katie, over at Chocolate Covered Katie, sent a call out for folks to make variations of her Genius Blondies.  Do a riff on a gluten-free, grain-free, vegan baked good? Why, of course! The kiddo decided what we … Continue reading

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Vegan Chili Verde

Are you tired of all the fall dishes yet – pumpkin and apples and squash? After a while all those orange foods make me feel blue. But, I still crave warming, comforting food. So, what’s a girl to do? Get … Continue reading

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Hummus Crackers

We eat a lot of hummus around here. I’ve never bothered to post a recipe, because, well, I just throw stuff together in the food processor and keep adjusting until it tastes “right.” We like our hummus fairly thick. Check … Continue reading

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Vegan Arugula Pesto Mélange

Otherwise known as a pasta-less pasta dish…. More and more I’m going grain-free these days. I’ve found that I just feel a lot better if I stick to fruits, veggies, beans, nuts and seeds. My friend remarked, “you’re on the … Continue reading


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Today was supposed to be grocery shopping day. But, we discovered a leaking faucet in the basement, and spent the better part of the day fixing said leaky faucet. That of course meant that we didn’t make it to the … Continue reading

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Pea Shoots with White Bean, Mushroom & Tomato Melange

I was in Orlanda a few weeks ago, traveling for work and staying at one of the Disney resorts. The chef there made amazing, scrumptious, gluten free, vegan food for me. At every meal. Oh, how I loved that treatment. … Continue reading

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