Hi - I'm Deanna - the mommy behind the Mommy Bowl

Hi - I'm Deanna - the mommy behind the Mommy Bowl

I have this bowl, see. Actually, it’s three bowls, but let’s pretend for a moment that it’s one. It’s hard. It’s plastic. I have this notion that it started its life as Blue Bonnet Margarine container, though I could be fabricating that.

There’s nothing really all that remarkable about it. Except for the fact that I’ve had it since I was a kid. Every day I filled my bowl with cereal. Fruity Pebbles. Lucky Charms. Cocoa Crispies. When I was old enough, I’d fill my bowl with cereal and go to the living room and curl into my dad’s recliner, eating my cereal and watching cartoons or Gilligan’s Island, alternating between feeling grown up and feeling very small and protected in Dad’s big comfy chair.

Eventually I did grow up, and somehow I managed to sneak out of my parent’s house with my bowl. I think the first one came with me when I moved into the dorm. College kids need a few dishes, after all, for those late night ramen noodle snacks. The second came home with some leftovers of some sort. The third… I just outright swiped that one. And, somehow I’ve managed to keep them with me through dorm rooms and ratty apartments and buying a house and getting married. Even when I recycled, gave away, or otherwise disposed of all those other college-era dishes, my bowls stayed with me.

I stopped using them for ramen noodles long ago. But that cereal addiction. That dies hard. Oh sure, somewhere along the line I switched to Nutty Nuggets and shredded wheat and raisin bran. But, my day just didn’t start without my plastic bowl of cereal.

Along came my son, and my bowls took on new life. They were used for circle templates, and hats, and to wash out the water color paint brushes and to make baking soda volcanoes. But, the rule was always that one stayed clean. One stayed “at the ready” for my morning bowl of cereal. One was designated “the mommy bowl.”

And, now, I’m going gluten-free. Kind of crazy for a girl that has hauled around her precious cereal bowl for more than 30 years, eh? I could tell you the whole sordid tale of how it came about. But, you’ve heard it before – from every gluten intolerant girl in the world. But, I can say this. It’s going to be an adventure – a great one. And, I want to share it with you and with everyone that has ever had to make a radical change in their diet. What will fill my bowl now? Come along with me and find out.


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  1. Hi Deanna – So glad you updated your about me page! 🙂

  2. candice says:

    Deanna, I love your blog!! It’s full of amazing recipes and beautiful pics.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Leigh says:

    So happy to find you!! We are a gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, vegetarian family….and I’m finding it challenging to find some great accessible resources….so glad to have stumbled upon you through the GF Mommy Adventures (or something awesome like that; she’s awesome too)…..

    I am grateful to you for your uplifting spirit and happy voice in this GF world of ours…..I’d love to receive updates of your blog.

    Many thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Homeschooling mom to five whose kids often grumble “there’s nothing to eat”…..sigh

  4. Great story! Brilliantly written.

  5. kathy sullivan says:

    would love site updates!

  6. Please feel free to share recipes we me — would love to exchange ideas!
    Thank you,
    Elizabeth Kaplan

  7. Cara says:

    All of your recipes are just so creative! Excited to browse through your blog even more…

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  9. Dawn Gray says:

    What is the secret to giving up “all sugar”? I have celiac and I’m limited already. I see that you said a agave, honey, stevia, dried fruit. What else is there to give up and what do you use for something sweet? Thanks for your help! Dawn Gray

    • Deanna says:

      I’m not sure there’s any secret. I just don’t eat anything that’s sweetened. I still eat fresh, whole fruit. But, that’s the only thing I eat that’s traditionally “sweet.” But, this is just for 30 days. I’m sure I’ll go back to eating at least dried fruit. I’m also not eating any grains and don’t do any dairy. The only soy I eat is fermented (soy sauce). So, I understand limited. I try to focus on what I do it – lots of fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds. There’s still a whole world of food out there that is safe for me and makes me feel good.

  10. Liz W-E says:

    Hi Deanna – I’m a mommy of 3 “here in town” (where we just lost the superbowl, ahem!), and am recently sugar free, almost dairy free, almost vegan, and a green smoothie, coconut (milk, cream, oil, butter) enthusiast! Coconut milk is AWESOME in green smoothies, and be sure to add an avocado if you haven’t tried it. We drink these 2-3x daily and feel great! I was looking for a substitute for sweetened condensed milk for my avocado ice cream, and stumbled onto your blog. I’m excited to look around – I’m all about fruit sweetened (or agave in a pinch) and definitely coconut, it’s my go to!
    Liz in madtown

  11. Hi Deanna! I recently took over as Editor of Chic Vegan http://www.chicvegan.com and would love to feature your recipes on our website or newsletter from time to time. Please e-mail me and we can discuss the details gretchen (at) chicvegan (dot) com

  12. you have a nice name 😀

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  15. Hey Deanna! I just launched a new cookbook – would love to invite you to become an affiliate for the book… wanna chat over email?

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