SRC: Smoky Caramel Brussels Sprouts

Wait just a gol’ darn minute. How is it possibly Secret Recipe Club time again? Where the heck did my summer go? Didn’t I just post my last SRC post yesterday?



Well, anyway, this month’s installment of the Secret Recipe Club features none other than Rhonda, the Kitchen Witch. Her about page is fascinating, and I’m totally jealous of all her travels. And, I love that she is unapologetic about being exactly who she is.

The world needs more people like that.

Since I happen to be on a bit of a veggie kick, I headed straight to her vegetable recipes. She has loads of other categories for all you meats and sweets people. But, she gives a nice nod to us veggie lovers, too.

So, what caught my eye? This did.

Smoky Caramelized Brussels Sprouts

Smoky Caramelized Brussels Sprouts

That’s her brown sugar and smoked sea salt brussels sprouts, modified Mommy Bowl style – which means that I made them dairy-free and refined sugar-free.

Brussels sprouts are a favorite veggie of mine, but the kiddo is less enthused. I’ve convinced him that they’re very good tolerable when shredded and flavored with lots of sesame oil, ginger, and garlic. But, I was hoping that the sweet + salty combo would have him begging for more of these.

Apparently, though, I’ve taught him too well.

You know what he said?

“Why would anyone put sugar on a vegetable?!?”

He choked down two bites. The boy has no taste. (Unless he’s tasting anything mixed with peanut butter. Hm…. brussels sprouts and peanut butter…. There are possibilities….)

I ate the rest. Myself. All at once. Yum.

Smoky Caramelized Brussels Sprouts

1/2 pound brussels sprouts, stems trimmed and cut in half (or quarters if they’re big)
1 T. coconut oil
1 T. palm sugar
pinch of smoked sea salt (I used Maldon flakes, which are big, so a pinch is really all I needed.)

Place brussels sprouts in a microwave-safe dish and add 1 T. water. Microwave on high for 3 minutes. Melt coconut oil in a frying pan. Add microwaved sprouts and cook for 4 minutes on medium high heat. They will begin to brown. Be careful not to burn them. Sprinkle on sugar and salt and toss to melt sugar and caramelize it. (This happens quickly with palm sugar – maybe 30 seconds.) Serve. Top with some pecans for a protein kick if eating as a main dish.

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32 Responses to SRC: Smoky Caramel Brussels Sprouts

  1. Those Brussels sprouts look and sound fantastic! I’ll be making these for me for sure. Son, my partner in eating Brussels sprouts, has left the nest again. 😉 I admire your son’s no sugar on vegetables stance, but I think he’s wrong on this recipe!


  2. Hi Deanna! I’m with you, I feel like my last SRC post was just yesterday. It really goes by too quickly! I was assigned your blog this month and had a great time checking out all your recipes! Though I will not lie, I was a little intimidated! This was my first forray into gluten free and dairy free! But I loved the result. Guess what I’m having for lunch? 😉

    These brussels sprouts look fantastic. I love that golden color you got on them. Your son is funny! But more for you right? Take care!

  3. I love Brussel Sprouts, totally one of my favorite vegetables yet, I rarely make them. This should change, yours look amazing!

    • Deanna says:

      Thanks. I love that the recipe is really quick = 10 minutes total prep time. Love it when you have something good for you that practically qualifies as fast food. 🙂

  4. Melissa says:

    What a unique recipe! I’m not a huge fan of brussel sprouts, but the sugar on these might win me over 🙂

    • Deanna says:

      I never used to be a huge fan. It’s only in the last couple of years that I’ve really grown to like them. The kiddo still prefers the shredded version – because of the texture. And, honestly, this was my first foray into serving them any larger than “sliced.” But, I’d do it again. I don’t mind the texture and love the flavor!

  5. These look great! I have family members that are very “anti-brussel” but, I’m like you – I’d just smile and say “More for me – thank you!” 🙂 So glad you got Rhonda’s blog – love her!

  6. Miz Helen says:

    Your Brussels Sprouts look delicious, I would just love them. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!
    Miz Helen

  7. veronica gantley says:

    Great Recipe. Looks wonderful! I love making recipes like this.

  8. christine says:

    I love Brussels sprouts – have you tried roasting them? delicious, so nutty:)

  9. Ha – I’m pretty sure the only way I could get my kids to eat these is with peanut butter! That’s not a bad idea! Sorry the kids didn’t go for it but I think they look great!

  10. This makes me think of Fall…can’t wait to try these. I am boo hooing about Summer coming to an end too. We just went school supply shopping, so it’s pretty hard to deny anymore!!!

  11. Brussel Sprouts are ALWAYS a good idea!

  12. I don’t think I’ve ever made brussel sprouts before but that beautiful caramel color makes it look quite delicious!

  13. Ricki says:

    I love brussels sprouts! This sounds like a perfect way to enjoy them. Sweet–yep. 😉

  14. eliotthecat says:

    I adore Rhonda’s site and am jealous of her adventures and her photog abilities. This sounds like a great recipe. A lot of the reveals today have me thinking about the holidays.

  15. Jess says:

    I love brussels sprouts, and this is such a great way to make them – a bit of sweetness! Great idea for the coming fall!

  16. This recipe says “autumn” to me! What a great choice!

  17. alisamarie says:

    You are making me wish that I bought the smoked sea salt I saw on sale.

  18. sara says:

    These sprouts look incredible! Love caramelized brussels sprouts – so good!

  19. tkwblog says:

    Deanna, glad you found a recipe that works for you! Ha, youngest boy still barely chokes down brussel sprouts no matter what I do. Thanks for the kind words!

  20. chris says:

    I am a huge fan of brussels made this way. But, I have never used my coconut oil with them. Brilliant! Thanks!

  21. Chris says:

    Love love love! As much as I eat brussels, I have never paired them with Coconut oil. Brilliant!

  22. caramelized brussel sprouts are by far one of my favorite things to eat in the world. i’ll bookmark this for when they come into season in the winter.

    happy src reveal from a group D member 🙂

    xo, kristy

  23. oh wow those look outrageously delicious! i love brussels sprouts – they’re just SO good!!

  24. This looks amazing! My name is Cindy and I blog over at I wanted to invite you to link up your recipe at our Gluten Free Fridays Recipe Link up party! It happens every Friday and we’d love to have you join us with some of your awesome recipes! You can find this week’s link up here:
    Also be sure to link up your blog on our Gluten Free Bloggers directory. You can reach the directory by clicking the “glutenfree bloggers” tab on our blog! Thanks, Cindy 🙂

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  26. Nancy says:

    Remember, I have never tried brussel sprouts…maybe I can trade some apples for a taste?

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